5 no prep                                for your wedding day 


Hear this: these 5 things require absolutely NO HOMEWORK. That’s right, this list is all about things that you can’t actually prepare for – other than reading through this list, of course…Score!!

With all that’s going on leading up to your wedding day, this is probably a huge relief, amirite??


So here we go! Here’s a list of 5 reminders for your wedding day, which require absolutely no preparation!


1. switch your ring

If you’re keeping with tradition of wearing your wedding band on your ring finger first (followed by your engagement ring), you’re going to need to move your engagement ring to a different finger by the time you exchange rings!! For most brides, this means moving the ring to your right hand just before walking down the aisle.

This is something many completely forget about on their wedding day and have to fumble with their engagement ring seconds before they exchange wedding bands! – whoops!


2. eat  + stay hydrated

Nobody wants a ‘hangry’ bridal party, and you’re gonna need the energy; trust me!! Though butterflies may be keeping your stomach unsettled, being on your feet all day is no easy task. Remember to drink plenty of water (alongside your mimosas!! ;) ), and to keep snacks with you throughout the day. And if the day is hot, consider arming your bridesmaids with water bottles so everyone can stay hydrated and happy!


3. don't sweat the small stuff!

The reality of a wedding day is that things rarely go 100% according to plan. Try not to stress about things that are outside of your control – like the weather – or that will have very little impact on the happiness of your marriage. If you’re wearing a white dress down the aisle (which – if you’re a bride – I’m willing to bet you are!!) then chances are it will get dirty easily, and quickly! Try not to fuss too much over small marks or dirt on your dress as small imperfections rarely show through on camera!


4. hold that kiss

Keep in mind that your first kiss is a big moment that guests all want to see and be a part of! If you’re comfortable holding your kiss for 2-3 seconds, by all means please do so! And while you’re at it, consider kissing for a second time as you come down the aisle in your recessional! It’s a fun photo opportunity, and usually garners an awesome crowd reaction!!


5. mingle

The wedding day timeline can be a LOT of action, and LITTLE downtime. I like to encourage all my brides to take a few minutes from their day and try to say hello to each guest at least once. Don’t assume that you’ll see them out in the dance floor, ’cause some people straight up won’t dance!

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