I've never been a big fan of these "about me" sections. I mean do you really get to know someone that way? I suppose it could be likened to online dating. You see someone, read a little about their hobbies, their interests, where they're from and then you decide if you want to go on a first date, right?

My name is Tracy. I'm a Virgo. My hobbies are mountain climbing, fishing, deep sea diving......wait a minute! That's not right! 


Let's try that again...

My name is Tracy. I am a Virgo. If I tried to climb a mountain I would probably break something, either the mountain or multiple bones in my body. I won't touch fish unless is says Gorton's Fish Sticks on the box and deep sea diving is how you turn into a Scooby snack for Jaws! 

What I do love, almost as much as my family but more than DIY'ing literally anything, is photography. I love getting an email or text after someone has viewed their gallery saying

"You must have thought we needed a good cry. We absolutely love our photos!"

If you are wondering about the cute little redhead in the picture over there (the kid not the cow) that's my world right there! He calls me YaYa! Now the other redhead is called a Scottish Highland Cow because Scotland is the only place on earth I truly dream of going to!

As most photographers do, I feel so blessed to get to capture moments with couples and families. Precious moments that will never be duplicated again, yet are frozen in time forever...through pictures.

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