Basic Headshots 

Up to 5 fully edited images

Full Print Release

20 Minute Session


Partial Photoshoot

Up to 15 fully edited images

Full Print Release

 One location

Up to 3 wardrobe changes

2 hour session


Full Photoshoot

Up to 25 fully edited images

Full Print Release

Two locations

Up to 5 wardrobe changes

4 Hour Session



Frequently asked questions

When will we receive the images from our session?

Images will be delivered within 3-4 weeks from your session, maybe sooner, via online gallery. You can share the gallery with friends and family...and download your favorites right to your computer for printing at the lab of your choice! TLP is not responsible for the quality or service of your chosen print lab.

We have have a beautiful space at our home where we would like to have our photos. Will you come to our home?

Yes! We will gladly come to your home for your session! Many choose to have their photos in settings such as a family farm/land, living room, bedroom/nursery, front porch or even a photo worthy historic home! It's your session....you choose the setting of your liking!

What if it rains the day of our session?

With your help, I will monitor the weather forecast. If it looks like a total wash out, I will contact you 48 hours before your session to reschedule!

How should we dress for our session?

Consider colors that add a little contract to your session but still correspond with the season. It is also best not to have everyone in identical colors, unless that is what you prefer.

Should we have professional hair & makeup done before our session?

It's not necessary for children. It's also not necessary for adults either but recommended. You will feel your best if you look your best and it will come through in your photos!

How can I ensure my baby or children cooperate for the session?

For babies, make sure they are fed and have a clean diaper. For children, feel free to bring snacks, drinks and favorite toys or security items. For children, it is often best to step away a little bit, while still staying in sight, during the session. Try not to give commands unless you feel it necessary....children often behave better for a "stranger" because they don't how that person will react to their behavior. Children tend to know how to bend their parents to their will...not the case with someone new! :)

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