5 important                       to set aside for bride prep


‘Bride prep’: It’s that time on a wedding day when you’re sitting back with a mimosa, getting your hair done, and relaxing in your brand new silk dressing gown…


Well, that’s the goal anyways! But the truth is, not everyone gets there and some mornings are just plain busier than others. A lot of this will come down to designing the perfect timeline but prepping things in advance can go a LONG way to helping you reach this time of relaxation.

One of the first things I suggest to brides to help get there, is to set aside details in advance that you’d like your photographer and videographer to document!

So what should you set aside?…

Here’s my list of 5 details to set aside for bride prep, to help you feel relaxed and confident to start the day! xo

1. all  3 rings

The engagement ring and both wedding bands should be cleaned and kept somewhere safe with the bride. While the rings will eventually need to be given to the best man and the ring bearer before the ceremony, the best time to photograph them is in the morning, along with the other details.

And on that note, it’s a good idea to make a plan for who will be transporting the rings from bride prep to the Ceremony in advance.


2. the complete invitation suite

This includes the invitation, the RSVP card, the envelope and any other cards that you’ve had specially made for your guests. And if your cards are double sided, consider setting aside two complete sets of invitations; this is an easy way to make your invitation suite look twice as custom and expensive!!

3. wedding day clothing

The wedding dress; the bridesmaids dresses; the veil; the shoes; and the garter…all details I love to see set aside by the time I arrive on a wedding day.

And for bonus points, consider removing dresses from their garment bags and hanging them on pretty hangers with notches on the arms, before your photographer arrives. Little things like these can save up to 10 minutes of coverage on your wedding day, which = more pictures!!


4. sentimental items

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. And of course anything else that makes your heart sing: perfume, a family heirloom, gifts for your bridesmaids, the champagne cork from your engagement party, a letter from your groom, etc!


5. items for styling

If I could end this post with one simple trick for getting the most beautiful detail photos on the morning of your wedding, it would be this…

Spend $10-20 on the following 3 items:
1) thick ribbon; 2) vintage stamps; and 3) loose florals/eucalyptus.

These 3 simple items are guaranteed to take your details listed above from pretty to magazine worthy for under $20!!

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